The DeCaro Total Foot Care Center is proud to announce a new program in which it is raising money for the treatment of pediatric feet of the Pioneer Valley. This venture has been made possible by Dr. DeCaro who is pleased to offer for purchase his personal photographic art.

As a hobby, photography is near and dear to Dr. DeCaro. Over the past nine years in practice he has been encouraged by his patients to exhibit and/or sell pictures he has taken and displayed randomly throughout his offices.

Dr. DeCaro has waited for the right time to do so, time which allowed him to combine his hobby of photography and his passion for treating kids with foot problems.

This endeavor coincides with the launch of a brand new over the counter pediatric orthotic in which he has helped create called littleSTEPS. These orthtotics help treat childrens flatfeet. They are specifically designed to improve coordination, balance, pain, posture, strength, and aid in the development of a more stable and functional gait.

Dr. DeCaro will be using all the profits from the sales of his photography to purchase these orthotic devices for kids in the community who may not be able to afford them.

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